Boston (USA)

Boston is the capital and largest city in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. It is the unofficial capital of the region known as New England. It is also one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States, with an economy based on education, health care, finance, and high technology. Its nicknames include "Beantown", "The Hub" (shortened from Oliver Wendell Holmes' phrase The Hub of the Universe), and The Athens of America, due to its great influence on cultural, intellectual, and political matters.

The twenty closest neighbours in the database:

New York (USA) (306 km), Montreal (Canada) (403 km), Ottawa (Canada) (503 km), Washington D.C. (USA) (633 km), Toronto (Canada) (694 km), Detroit (USA) (984 km), Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (1,000 km), The Art Institute of Chicago (1,365 km), Chicago (USA) (1,367 km), Milwaukee (USA) (1,376 km), Atlanta (USA) (1,506 km), St. Louis (USA) (1,667 km), Orlando (USA) (1,795 km), Miami (USA) (2,023 km), Galveston (USA) (2,575 km), Houston (USA) (2,580 km), San Juan (Puerto Rico) (2,700 km), Austin (USA) (2,728 km), San Antonio (USA) (2,831 km), Bandera (USA) (2,865 km)

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