Chicago (USA)

Chicago, colloquially known as the "Second City" and the "Windy City", is the third-largest city in population in the United States and the largest inland city in the country. Chicago is located in the Midwestern state of Illinois along the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan.

The twenty closest neighbours in the database:

The Art Institute of Chicago (3 km), Milwaukee (USA) (128 km), Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village (367 km), Detroit (USA) (383 km), St. Louis (USA) (423 km), Toronto (Canada) (700 km), Atlanta (USA) (949 km), Washington D.C. (USA) (959 km), Ottawa (Canada) (1,036 km), New York (USA) (1,146 km), Montreal (Canada) (1,200 km), Boston (USA) (1,367 km), Houston (USA) (1,516 km), Galveston (USA) (1,544 km), Austin (USA) (1,579 km), Orlando (USA) (1,590 km), San Antonio (USA) (1,684 km), Bandera (USA) (1,698 km), Yellowstone National Park (1,868 km), Miami (USA) (1,917 km)

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