Istanbul (Turkey)

Istanbul (Turkish: İstanbul; contraction of the city's previous Greek name Constantinople) is the largest city in Turkey, and arguably the most important. It is located on the Bosphorus strait and encompasses the natural harbor known as the Golden Horn (Turkish: Haliç), in the northwest of the country. It is officially in both Europe and Asia, but is generally considered European.

The twenty closest neighbours in the database:

Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine) (953 km), Budapest (Hungary) (1,067 km), Bratislava (Slovak Republic) (1,225 km), Taormina (Italy) (1,225 km), Cairo (Egypt) (1,236 km), Catania (Italy) (1,255 km), Syracuse (Italy) (1,258 km), Vienna (Austria) (1,275 km), Melk Abbey (1,341 km), Rome (Italy) (1,375 km), Malta (1,378 km), Venice (Italy) (1,431 km), Prague (Czech Republic) (1,512 km), Verona (Italy) (1,532 km), Innsbruck (Austria) (1,559 km), Sirmione (Italy) (1,563 km), Munich (Germany) (1,583 km), Allianz Arena (1,584 km), Olympic Stadium Munich (1,587 km), Regensburg (Germany) (1,591 km)

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