Le Mont-Saint-Michel (France)

Mont Saint Michel is a small rocky islet, roughly one kilometer from the north coast of France at the mouth of the River Couesnon, near Avranches in Normandy, close to the border of Brittany. It is home to the unusual Benedictine Abbey Church (built between the 11th and 16th centuries) which occupies most of the one kilometer diameter clump of rocks jutting out of the ocean. It is connected to the mainland via a thin natural land bridge, which before modernization was covered at high tide, and revealed at low tide. Thus, Mont Saint Michel gained a mystical quality, being an island half the time, and being attached to land the other: a tidal island.

The first pictures were taken during the night. Thanks to my tripod most pictures are really fantastic - despite the dark night.

Unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs on the next morning. Also it was extremely windy. Therefore the second half of the pictures looks very grey.

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