Museum Island Berlin

Museum Island (German: Museumsinsel) is the name of the northern half of an island in the Spree river in the central Mitte district of Berlin, Germany, the site of the old city of Cölln. It is so called for the complex of five internationally significant museums, all part of the Berlin State Museums, that occupy the island's northern part.

The twenty closest neighbours in the database:

Berlin (Germany) (1 km), Reichstag Berlin (1 km), Stasi Prison Hohenschönhausen (7 km), Potsdam (Germany) (27 km), Spreewald (76 km), Wittenberg (Germany) (89 km), Dresden (Germany) (165 km), Quedlinburg (Germany) (174 km), Autostadt Wolfsburg (176 km), Schwerin (Germany) (181 km), Wernigerode (Germany) (194 km), Barbarossa Cave (206 km), Goslar (Germany) (214 km), Mines of Rammelsberg (215 km), Ratzeburg (Germany) (219 km), Celle (Germany) (224 km), Lübeck (Germany) (235 km), Hildesheim (Germany) (238 km), German Oil Museum (241 km), Hannover Zoo (246 km)

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