Maginot Fort Hackenberg

Fort Hackenberg is one of the largest fortresses of the Maginot Line in France and was one of the prototypes for this border defence line. It is located nearby the village Veckring (Lorraine, Département Moselle).

The twenty closest neighbours in the database:

Verdun (France) (74 km), Bad Dürkheim (Germany) (131 km), Strasbourg (France) (132 km), Rüdesheim am Main (Germany) (132 km), Château du Haut-Königsbourg (141 km), Eberbach Abbey (144 km), Speyer (Germany) (149 km), Technik-Museum Speyer (151 km), Karlsruhe (Germany) (153 km), Mannheim (Germany) (153 km), Mainz (Germany) (155 km), Aachen (Germany) (159 km), Schwetzingen (Germany) (160 km), Bonn (Germany) (163 km), Ladenburg (Germany) (163 km), Heidelberg (Germany) (169 km), Reims (France) (169 km), Darmstadt (Germany) (175 km), Frankfurt Airport (176 km), Sinsheim (Germany) (182 km)

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